2 thoughts on “Khodabapa’s Talks On Gangasati, Part 1 of 6

  1. Late Sri S.N.Tavariaji Spent 55 Years (Part TIME) to Control Wild MIND + drive out All Ailments / Diseases, which due to Our weeknessis + Ignorance established in Our Mind & Bodies. & resulted in Suffering.

    Sri Tavariaji went through “Patanjal Yogasutra “, & Dug out the Correct Interpretations of Old Sanskrit /&/Pali Languages and Put his Work in modern Languages, for Mankind.

    This is the ONLY Yoga System (3SRB) Has TIMING for Breathing ‘IN’ & Breathing ‘OUT’, with 3:to :2, Rassio.

    With above Rassio our Normal Breath will Run at 12 Cycles per Minute, & by regular Practice of increasing durations of Practice, within couple of Months, Our Breathing will Run 24/7 at our above desired Rate, And
    “WILD MIND” will be under our Control. (Will be TAMED)

    And will result All Vices /Bad He bits will MELT Away,
    No MORE ‘Anger, Grudge, Enviousness, Fear, selfish Motive, Resentment, Plus Smoking,Drinking, Gambling, & Womanizing will drop away too.

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  2. i am also close follower of tavariaji since 1988, and i agree with you.
    people who like to read more can visit
    i think kanoo bhai you are from UK?
    but do listen khodabapa all video talk..
    he is not against any system..he mentioned tavariaji in his talk at one place to ” bahu hara manas hata”

    bur pl see recently added 1 page introduction on kbapa, and you get some more idea.
    tavariaji has told all ultimate things, with brain diagram also..
    but here kbapa – mentions is sitting shir, and using bhumadya drusti..and ..listen nada..
    this nada listening 24/7 is very very essential as per kbapa, if wish mind to return to its source..and then many further thing happens..
    its worth meeting him once…

    (which tavariaji also said to sit and look at ceiling and at the same time in bhumadya as black flame– and ask divine to forget and forgive, and oh lord pl. heal my body and brain system- physically, mentally and emotionally)
    you can search me as mahendra thaker on facebook and send further message, as this site i may not visit everyday

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